Piwi’s Minisuite

Piwi’s Minisuite

Piwi’s Minisuite is a hobby product. I developed it to study new functions and possibilities and get a feeling for them, as that would be helpful for my work. However, it will not compete with other current software products out in the market.

Piwi’s Minisuite summarizes all tools for your daily use in one little application. That means that this application includes at least all the functions I needed for my daily work and I made lots of useful experiences with also on my home computer.

You need only a handful of files in a folder to run.

Installation of Piwi’s Minisuite is easy. Unpack the .zip file in a folder of your choice. Please make sure to unzip it into a folder you have total access to, as some parts of the application, like the Diagram Editor, need the right to create a subfolder. If you do not have the proper rights, you cannot add any newly created symbols to the diagram library.

Also, Piwi’s Minisuite is designed to work on a regular USB-stick, in order to have access to my Organizer, Office and other applications whenever I need them. At the moment the program needs about 40-50 MB of diskspace.

Piwi’s Minisuite V 0.8.0.x is free for privat use.

If you download the software, read the License Agreement carefully. You get no warranty on this software and you will receive support only in my forum or via email, as it is not a commercial product, where you can expect that.

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  1. Wilson de Oliveira Junior says:

    User of Mathematics, expressions and graphs

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