In Piwi’s Minisuite you will find the following sub applications
Writer – the main Text processor with all the functions you need for your daily work
Calculation – Calc with large Spreadsheets, ABS-Database import/ Import of ADO-DB files
Diagram – Ability to create your own Library’s with your own symbols
Organizer – ToDo List, Daily/Monthly Schedules/Meetings, Contact list with Photo handling
Program Editor – Programming Editor with auto code folding and keywords lightning for different Programming languages
Database – integrated Database,Reporting module,Chart module, Mail merge. Handels ADO-Db’s and large Databases too
Image Viewer – View and change pictures, in different formats
Painter – Create your own paintings, modify pictures

Piwi’s Minisuite has an integrated Touch keyboard. So it is now ready for tablet PC’s. Write your own help pages and integrate it into Piwi’s Minisuite.Some other parts are in developement and i will publish them as soon as they are ready. At the moment you can download Piwi’s Minisuite V 0.8.0.x beta. That means, that the application still may change, as it still may have some bugs  . If you download the software, read the License Agreement carefully. You get no warranty on this software and you will receive support only in my forum or via email, as it is not a commercial product, where you can expect that.

Writer  – the main Text processor with all the functions you need for your daily work. With Undo/Redo Function, Mail Merge (at the Moment Interface is in DataBase Menu). Import/Export in different File formats. Integrated Spellchecker Deutsch/English, technical English. Other Languages on request.

font name, size, style, character set;
text and text background colors
normal, bold, italic, subscript, superscript, underlines, overlines, strike-out lines
Custom inter-character spacing
bi-directional text flow mode

left, right, center and justify alignment
Indent: left, right, first line
tab stops: left, right, centered, with optional leader
Custom line-spacing
colored background with specified padding
borders of several styles

Bullets and Numbering
Bullets – single or multicharacter text
Unicode characters are supported
Images – any supported graphics
Decimal Numbering – 1, 2, 3, …
Alphabetic Numbering – a, b, c, …; A, B, C, …
Roman Numbering – i, ii, iii, …; I, II, III, …
user interface for applying and customizing list styles

Hypertext links with color of text and background under the mouse pointer

Bitmaps (BMP)
Windows 16Bit (WMF) and 32-bit (EMF) metafiles
User can resize images with the mouse
Background and Table Images

Documents can include tables. Each table cell can contain formatted contents with multiple paragraphs, including images and other tables. Tables can be nested to any depth.
Cells can be merged together in one larger cell, both horizontally and vertically.
Different Borders, flat or three-dimensional
Hidden cells

Calculation – Calc with large Spreadsheets, ABS-Database import/ Import of ADO-DB files
Large Tables (tested with 200000 lines), Speed depends on your PC/Memory
74 Constants and 145 Functions
Imports from xls, csv, txt, ADO-DB Import, Import Internal DB-Files
Exports to xls (no functions), csv, rtf, html

Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your application. It provides MS Visio-like interface for building diagrams, including predefined blocks and open architecture for adding your own blocks.
Ability to create your own Library’s with your own symbols
BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, TIFF, GIF and JPG images supported in blocks
Ready-to-use flowchart, arrow and electric blocks
Block gradient, shadow and bitmap
Arc & bezier lines, polygon objects
Blocks and lines can have transparency
Inplace block text editing
Diagram printing and previewing
Block rotation supported (including text, bitmap, metafiles and gradient)
Support for different layers
Diagram zoom in/out
Background image (stretched or tiled)
Snap grid

ToDo List
Daily/Monthly Schedules/Meetings
Contact list with Photo handling

[tab:Program Editor]
Programming Editor with auto code folding (not all languages)
keywords lightning for different Programming languages
Supports Html, Javascript, Web, Pascal, Sql, CSharp, Basic, CSS, Phyton, Perl, XML, PHP, INI files
integrated Database
powerful Reporting module
Chart module
Mail merge
Handels ADO-Db’s
large internal Databases (ABS-DB)
simple visual Querymaker (in Teststate)
[tab:Image Viewer]
View and change pictures, in different formats
Convert pictures in different formats
Scann pictures
Remove red eyes
Use different Picture Filters  and Effects. Merge pictures
Zoom, rotate, flip, resample, resize pictures
Color adjustment,  negative, Grayscale, reduce colors, convert to BW-Pictures
Integrated thumbnail viewer
Integrated picture container
Create your own paintings
modify pictures

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