To Do List


In Piwi’s Minisuite there is still a lot to do for me:

Here is a list of activities i have to accomplish to complete the Minisuite.

Clearing the bugs out of the program (I hope mostly done).

Writing a documentation for all parts of Piwi’s Minisuite (started).
Adapt the formulaparser of the calculation module, to handle formulas that have more than one Range. (Expanded, but not finished)
Expending the functionality of the query maker to handle joins in a database query.
Merging Painter and Image Viewer when completed to make it one module.
Expand the number of dataformats (percentage,money etc..) in the Calculation module (started).
Add some special clipboardformats to better exchange between the subapplications.
Add direct mailmerge in Writer.
…To be continued

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