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Peter's Big One

Welcome to Piwi’s private homepage.

This site is designed to provide my hardware projects,
Piwi’s DIY Midi Wind/Breath controller Flutes/Recorders (Top->Music/Instruments)
and my application Piwi’s Minisuite.
Other activities and other free Software are in Top -> Other Projects.
Piwi’s Minisuite 0.8.0.x Beta is free for private use.

Have fun on my homepage!

Peter Matschke aka Piwi


Peters “Big One” Windcontroller / Midi-Flute

Viele Umbauarbeiten waren notwendig um den meisten Exportbestimmungen genüge zu tun, aber hier ist sie nun : Die ersten Bilder des in Produktion gehenden Windcontrollers : Peter’s Big One. Ich werde in den nächsten Tagen auch die technischen Daten bekannt geben. Die neue Homepage ist in Arbeit und in Kürze werde ich die Adresse der HP bekannt geben können.

Wie gefällt euch Peter’s Big One ? 🙂


Peter's Big One

Peter’s Big One Windcontroller / Midi Flute

SynthCheck with our Midi-Flutes

We checked out the new synthesizer with our Midi-Flutes. We recorded direct from line-out of the synth, without changing anything on the Music.

We used all three Midi-Flutes for the check. The left one is the prototype of Peter’s Big One (the productive type case has another design. The Flute is shorter and the middle part with the display is not on that position. :). The silver Midi-Flute is Peter’s Bro with another Mouthpiece and the right one is Peter’s Pocket Sista.

Peter’s Big One backside with all the free adjustable Controllers:


The recorded melodys. Free played, right out of the Box to check some instruments of the Synthesizer. The blowing noise is to loud on the instrument, but as we found out, can be regulated on the Synth.

The first two Modells of our Midi Wind Controller Flutes are ready

We are working on a Handbook and the assembly instructions and then the first two models of the DIY Midi Flute Kits are ready and will be available in short time. So work is going on. We will inform you, if the first Kits are ready for shipment. The Flute is in teststate and works fine. We are working on some case changes. The used hardware of the flutes are different from my first prototype project. This flutes are build with complete other hardware and materials.

Attached: A new photo of the two ready models. Both are USB-midi flutes and are not lacquered.

The white one is Peter’s Pocket Sista and the grey one is Peter’s Bro (for the bigger hands – on photo the last prototype. Kit-Version has the same straight Tube as the little Pocket Sista – only other diameter). For relation of the size we dropped a normal soprano (descant) recorder beneath the two midi flutes.

Peter’s Pocket Sista has a length from round about 26 cm (without mouthpiece), a diameter of 2,5 cm and a weight of circa 100 gram.
Peter’s Bro is circa 33 cm (without mouthpiece), with diameter of 3,2 cm and a weight of 135 gram.

Technical data :

– Direct access of 5 Octaves. Octaves can be moved up or down in the Octaverange of 10 Octaves.

– Transpose button / function.

– German or Baroque flute fingering (one halftone button sep.).

– Define your own fingering and load it into the flute

– USB midi out interface. Flute works on Tablet PC’s (Tablet needs a host mode !). Tested with different models.

– Breath controller (with calibration function / auto calibration).

– Midi : Switchable between Breath controller output (cc2), output with volume control (cc7) instead of Breath control and map to cc11,  map to cc11, map to cc7, output as Aftertouch and AfterTouch with fixed volume (for study).

– Configurable Sensor buttons (dry/wet hands etc..)

– Configurable Breath controller (Sensitivy, Delay…)

– The Flute is fully configurable with the included PC-Software.

– You can add 8 Program Change or CC commands (storable)

– The Flute has a build in Note-Filter per Octave, so you can address max. 5 Instruments directly (one per octave).

– Target is a slow machine function. It reduces the amount of Breathcontrol data you send to the target synth. That gives you the possibility to play on a weak Tablet or slow Softwaresynth. You lost a little bit of accuracy, but it works fine.

– Turn the large Sensor buttons in the position you need.  For left or right handed, short or long fingers.

– Different mouthpieces are available

– Many colors and decoration foils possible

Additional equipment will be available if the Kits are released.

This homepage is only my private site. Information where you can order the Kits, will be distributed, if the Kits are ready for shipment. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a message as comment or in the guestbook.

Our new Midi Wind Controller Flutes

Minisuite Win7 /Win8 Problem

It seems, that there is a problem with the minisuite and some Windows Updates. It’s not clear now, what the problem is, but the minisuite Text-Modul is now totally slow and on some pc’s the application may crash, if you did not wait long enough since the Text – Modul is completly loaded. After that, the modul is working. All other modules are not effected on this problem.

I’am working on that, to solve the problem.