Piwi’s OnTopEditor

This editor was created out of the need for a program that always stays on top of other open windows. It gives you the possibility to read a document or copy something from a document without having to switch between windows.

Piwi’s OnTopEditor is an extract of Piwi’s Minisuite. So, if you need such an editor, have fun with it.

However, please have a look at the Readme and Licensing document in the .zip file before working with it.

Piwi’s OnTopEditor ist ein Extract des ProgrammEditors aus der Piwi Minisuite. Ich habe diesen Editor einzeln verfügbar gemacht, da ich dauernd einen Editor benötigte, der mir unter Windows immer sichtbar (on Top) zur Verfügung steht. Damit lassen sich leichter Textteile oder Softwareschlüssel etc.. kopieren.

Rechtliche Hinweise / Legal Notice

You can download it here:

Downloadpage (only visible if you are logged in)

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