Minisuite Win7 /Win8 Problem

It seems, that there is a problem with the minisuite and some Windows Updates. It’s not clear now, what the problem is, but the minisuite Text-Modul is now totally slow and on some pc’s the application may crash, if you did not wait long enough since the Text – Modul is completly loaded. After that, the modul is working. All other modules are not effected on this problem.

I’am working on that, to solve the problem.




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Peter's Big One

Peter’s Big One

Willkommen auf Piwi’s privater Homepage.
Diese Homepage widmet sich meinen Hardwareprojekten,
Piwi’s DIY Midi Wind/Breath Controller Flöten (Top->Music/Instruments)
und meinem Programm Piwi’s Minisuite.
Andere Aktivitäten und weitere freie/kostenlose Software finden Sie unter Top->Other Projects.
Piwi’s Minisuite 0.8.0.x Beta ist für den privaten Gebrauch kostenlos.

Viel Spaß auf meiner Homepage

Peter Matschke aka (Piwi)