Minisuite Win7 /Win8 Problem

It seems, that there is a problem with the minisuite and some Windows Updates. It’s not clear now, what the problem is, but the minisuite Text-Modul is now totally slow and on some pc’s the application may crash, if you did not wait long enough since the Text – Modul is completly loaded. After that, the modul is working. All other modules are not effected on this problem.

I’am working on that, to solve the problem.




Midi Synthesizers – The Soundgenerator for the Midi Wind-/Breath Controller


A small List of Synthesizers I’ve tested with my Midi Wind/Breath Controller. The List will be updated from time to time.


Eine kleine Auflistung der Synthesizer, die ich mit meinen Midi Wind/Breath Controllern ausprobiert habe. Diese Liste wird von mir dauernd ergänzt.


Read more… My tested Midi-Synths

Meine Erfahrungen mit 3D-Druckern



Endlich habe ich ein wenig Zeit gefunden, den Artikel über meine 3D-Drucker in FDM Technologie (Fused Deposition Modeling = Schmelzschichtung) und die Erfahrungen, die ich damit gemacht habe, in Angriff zu nehmen. Ich werde diesen Bericht nach und nach erweitern, um meine Erfahrungen, die ich mit 3D-Druck gemacht habe zu “Papier” zu bringen.


Work done – New coming

The work is done. The site is ready. I deleted the complete site and all Databases to avoid security issues with modified data or programs.

I created the site completely new and give her a new design.

In the next weeks i will upload a new minisuite version, the last one with the Delphi2007 compiler. The new Version is in pre Alpha-Status now. I am on heavy work, to move the programs to the new Delphi XE2 and up compiler. Thats not so easy as i thought. If this is done, i expand the minisuite with new functionality.

Some articles are coming, about my new midi projects and 3D printing.


Have Fun